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Main Office

P O BOX 8                                                         
5954 Hwy 66                                                      
Bisbee, ND  58317-0008                                      
Hours 8:00AM to 5:00PM Monday - Friday                                                        

(800) 450-3263

Office:(701) 656-3263

Fax:(701) 656-3371

Sean Slowinski, CEO                                      
Lynnette Berg, Chief Financial Officer                
Korey Hagan, Chief Financial Officer                 
Mark Stevens, Operations Manager                  
Joyce Benson, Controller                                 
Val Christensen, Safety & Compliance Officer    
Paul Wagenman, I.T. Officer                      
Roxane Haberstroh, Credit Manager                    -  Phone#: 701-266-5511
Erica Peters, Payroll & Human Resources        
Mike Tverberg, Marketing Merchandiser            
Bob Swenson, Grain Marketing                        
Joe Kremer, Agronomy Division Manager             -  Phone#: 701-656-3226
John Lovcik, Energy Division Manager                 -  Phone#: 701-477-3127
Stephanie Wagenman, Administration             
Teresa Stenson, Administration                       
Tonya Snavely, Administration                         

Terminal:     (701) 656-3266

Bisbee Agronomy Center

P O BOX 8                                                         
5954 Hwy 66                                                      
Bisbee, ND  58317-0008    

(701) 656-3226

Joe Kremer, Agronomy Division Manager    
Brandt Lemer, Agronomist                        
Chase Mattern, Agronomist                      
Brandon Krumwiede, Location Manager     
Chad Starr, Operations                             
Holly Cammack, Administration       

Bisbee Service Station

Open 8:00AM to 5:00PM Monday - Friday
        8:00AM to 12:00PM Saturday

101 Borgerding St
Bisbee, ND  58317 

 (701) 656-3211

Mike Rinas, Energy Sales    
Chad Rinas, Automotive Service
Kris Wagenman, Service Station


Dunseith Service Station & Convenience Store

2988 Hwy 281
Dunseith, ND 58329

(701) 244-9765

Travis Casavant, Store Manager           
Jeannie Domben, Operations        
Andrew Schroeder, Automotive Service

Overly Elevator

114 E Central Ave
Overly, ND 58384

(701) 366-4562

Matt Crebo, Manager       
Jayden Welk, Agronomist  


Perth Elevator

117 East Main Street
Perth, ND  58363

(701) 656-3221 
Bob Swenson, Manager    

Rock Lake Elevator

14 Elevator Rd
Rock Lake, ND 58365

(701) 266-5492

David Berginski, Manager
Dennis Johnston, Operations
Jessica Brown, Operations

Rock Lake Agronomy & Service Station

25 Ellsberry Avenue
Rock Lake, ND 58365

(701) 266-5511

David Berginski, Manager             
Roxane Haberstroh, Credit Manager
Michael Carter, Operations           

Rolette Elevator

Elevator St
Rolette, ND  58366

(701) 246-3251

Stephanie Auka, Manager  


Rolette Agronomy

Agronomy Building                                     Fertilizer Plant
60 Main St                                              107 State St
Rolette, ND 58366                                    Rolette, ND 58366

Everett Lervick, Agronomist

Aaron Thompson, Operations   

Rolette Service Station & Auto Parts

105 Main St
Rolette, ND 58366

Service Station:  (701) 246-3493
Auto Parts:  (701) 246-3331

Rondi Kraft, Station Manager                                   
Darrin Boucher, Auto Parts Sales    
Errol Gilje, Automotive Service        
Sarah Selvig, Administration           

Rolla Elevator

North Elevator                                                           South Elevator
17 Front St N                                                            116 Front St S
Rolla, ND 58367                                                        Rolla, ND 58367

(701) 477-3650                                                          (701) 477-5612

Raymi Hendrickson, Manager           
Alexis Disher, Administration            
Tom Cahill, Operations                     

Rolla Agronomy

9916 Highway 30
Rolla, ND 58367

(701) 477-6891

Scott Gailfus, Agronomist                   

North Central Tire

103 Front St

Rolla, ND 58367

(701) 477-6363

Alan Berginski, Manager                 

Cando C-Store

101 9th St
Cando, ND  58324
(701) 968-4320

Terrance Biby, Manager
Linda Martz, Operations
Jenny Timms, Operations
Kylie Yoder, Operations            

Cando Agronomy
7398 70th Ave NE
Cando, ND  58324
(701) 968-4325

Scott Fuglesten, Agronomist    
Keyen Gardner, Manager          
Daniel (Coupe) Holien, Operations
Dustin Kuchar, Energy
Jeremiah Masterson, Operations
Angela Nilson, Administration    
Vic Risovi, Operations
Robert Wagner, Operations
Wesley Yoder, Operations
Cando Elevator
203 Elevator Road
Cando, ND  58324
(701) 968-4446

Michelle Heisler, Administration       
Tom Gerald, Operations
Larry Sivertson, Operations
Samuel Wagner, Location Manager  
Kelly Westby, Merchandiser            
Egeland Elevator
401 Elevator Road
Egeland, ND  58331
(701) 266-5175

Gary Hunt, Manager          
Don Godman, Operations
Egeland Agronomy
8442 71st Ave NE
Egeland, ND  58331
(701) 266-5650

Kimberly Jacobson, Agronomist
Daryl Vote, Location Manager                                           
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