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 Message From The Manager

Wow, what a year it has been so far, and we are only just at the front side of April.
I would like to communicate to you about the progress on the unification with Farmers Union Oil of Rock Lake as well as introduce the new staff that will be joining North Central Grain.

The Unification with Farmers Union Oil is just in the infancy stages.  North Central Grain officially took over the operation on April 1st.  I don’t need to explain just how many things go on behind the scenes to make this unification happen.  With the vote taking place on March 12th, that did not leave many days to get us to April 1st.  This transition will take several months and many, many hours to get finalized.  With that being said, we have had one on one visits with the employees of Farmers Union Oil of Rock Lake.  We have shared our vision for this acquisition as well as laying out our expectations as a North Central Grain employee.  Having gone through several acquisitions myself (I was on the acquired team), I know that there is a lot of apprehension, uncertainty and unanswered questions that continue to build up until they are addressed…….and that the communication just doesn’t happen fast enough.  I want to thank the employees of Farmers Union Oil as well as NCGC employees for their patience throughout the initial stages of this process.  As we continue to move forward, we know that there will be issues that arise.  Our plan is to manage this transition in “chunks” and deal with things as they come up.  Hopefully by the closing date of June 30th, we have most, if not all of the transitional pieces in place.

Our goal is to hit the ground running this spring and make an impact with our existing customers and hopefully potential new customers.  We are making several small improvements immediately to increase the operational efficiencies for the spring season.  We are installing a fertilizer blender in Rolla, adding a forklift in Rolla and Rock Lake as well as getting quotes to install new POS (Point of Sale) systems at the station in Rock Lake and Rolla to get us PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant. 

We are also shifting some personnel as well as adding some people to North Central Grain.

Scott Gailfus will be located in Rolla as the agronomy specialist.  He will be assisting customers as well as providing chemical and fertilizer recommendations.

Mike Carter will be in Rock Lake as an agronomy specialist.  He will be assisting customers as well as providing chemical and fertilizer recommendations.

NCGC would like to welcome John Lovcik as the Energy Manager for North Central Grain.  John is a familiar face to the Rolla area as he managed the Rolla Cenex from 2003 – 2006.  John will have responsibility in Refined Fuels, Propane, Retail and eventually the shops and will office out of the Rolla Station and will be traveling to the other sites.

NCGC would like to welcome Dave Berginski as the Rock Lake station manager.  Dave will have responsibility in the day to day operations at the Rock Lake station and will also be learning the grain side of our business over the next few years in anticipation of potential retirements throughout our organization.

NCGC would like to welcome Gary Hunt, a native of St John, to our agronomy staff. He brings experience in crop scouting, soil and tissue sampling and sales to NCGC.  Gary will be based out of Bisbee and will be traveling to all locations as customer needs dictate.

The remainder of the Farmers Union Oil & North Central Grain employees will continue in their current roles while we work through the transition over the next few months. 

As I have verbally stated at the various meetings we have had, these transitions are difficult.  From a customer standpoint, there can be frustration with the changes taking place, but we will do our best to mitigate those circumstances and become a better company overall.  Please be patient with us as it won’t happen overnight.
From an employee standpoint, these transitions become emotional.  Questions like “will I have a job”; what changes will I have to endure?”  Fear, uncertainty and apprehension are very real emotions that employees encounter, from both North Central Grain & Farmers Union Oil.  I would like to thank all employees for their efforts in maintaining a positive attitude and doing their very best to take care of our customers and patrons.

Thanks for Your Continued Support!
 Sean Slowinski

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