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                   Welcome to the Emerald Extra Program!      


  Cando Farmers Grain & Oil Coop is partcipating in the program again for the 2015 season. The growers that have been signed up by Cando Farmers Grain & Oil are able to take advantage of some excellent rewards offered on the Emerald Extra Program.   

 The 2015 Grower Awards Link is below, check it out.  The Grower Award Upgrade can help upgrade the base pak for a Condo, Cruise or City Sampler Getaway!


   Growers who have booked seed with Cando Farmers Grain and Oil will recieve a seed summary by email or mail.  The summary will let you know what Paks Scott or Mike has selected for you.  If no seed order with us, you still are possibly signed up on the Emerald Extra Program.  Call or stop in and see Scott, Sandi or Mike to ask if you've been signed up and what paks your under!

ALSO ASK ABOUT THE EMERALD EXTRAS EXECUTIVE PAKS PROGRAM! Sandi, Scott and Mike can give you information on how to qualify for Program!
AWARD offered: THE WINFIELD ULTIMATE FIELD TRIP TO ( Baha Mar Resort in  the Bahamian Riviera)

Here is a printer friendly link to the WINFIELD's ULTIMATE FIELD TRIP:

              2015 WINFIELD ULTIMATE FIELD TRIP         

        ULTIMATE FIELD TRIP :      January 11th, 2016    to    January 15th, 2016

2015 Qualifying Executive Paks:

Executive Barley Pak       Executive NP Wheat Pak         Executive Canola Pak          Executive Potato Pak         Executive Corn Pak         Executive Soybean Pak         Executive Sunflower Pak


Here are printer friendly links to look at the Paks offered:

  2015 Qualifying Northern Plains Wheat Products Program: 

Wheat Pak

 2015 Qualifying Barley Products Program:  

Barley Pak

2015 Qualifying Corn Products Porgram: 

Corn Pak

 2015 Qualifying Soybean Products Program: 

Soybean Pak

  2015 Qualifying Canola Products Program:

Canola Pak

 2015 Qualifying Sunflower Products Program:

Sunflower Pak

  2015 Qualifying Potato Products Program: 

Potato Pak

2015 Qualifying DryBean Products Program:

DryBean Pak

2015 Qualifying FieldPea Products Program:

FieldPea Pak

2015 Qualifying Flax Products Program:

Flax Pak



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